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If you or a loved one was recently convicted, we recommend talking with a criminal appeals attorney right away. It is critical to have a professional review your situation. Your attorney will look at the trial attorney’s strategy, and the trial judge’s decisions for any legal mistakes. If there was an error in your case, you might have grounds for an appeal or a motion to vacate a conviction or sentence. There are specific grounds to vacate a judgment or sentence. If your situation doesn’t fit into any of them, then this motion wouldn’t be useful in your case. But it’s a possibility you should explore.

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Criminal Record - Vacate Record Attorney Seattle WA


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Stephanie Dorn has experience helping many people win better outcomes in their cases. It’s not always possible to avoid a conviction, but she can help mitigate the consequences. Winning the motion to vacate isn’t necessarily the end of the matter. The conviction or sentence is canceled as if it never existed, but the court doesn’t close your case. Instead, the prosecutor decides whether to drop or pursue the original charges. If the prosecutor pursues charges, you must enter a new plea and go to trial. This gives you new opportunities to pursue an acquittal at trial or negotiate a plea bargain. Irrespective of your outcome, you can trust Stephanie Dorn to stay by your side all the way through your case.

You must have legal grounds to file a motion to vacate. Without a good reason based on state law, the motion would be a waste of time. You must hire an experienced criminal appeals lawyer to review your case. The Law Office of Stephanie Dorn will scrutinize your arrest, trial, and sentencing. We’ll look for any legal errors, then explain your options. If you’re beyond the deadline to appeal, a motion to vacate might be appropriate.

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