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Navigating Conviction Clearances in King County District Court

I work with clients to smoothly vacate their records in the King County District Courts without hassle or stress.

In King County District Court, covering Redmond, Burien, Kent, Issaquah, Seattle, and Bellevue, clearing a conviction is a relatively smooth process, albeit with a longer timeline compared to other jurisdictions. Expect the proceedings to take approximately 3-6 months as the court operates at a slower pace. It’s important to note that objections may arise for cases reduced from DUI charges, but judges are typically open to hearing arguments. You have the option to skip your appearance at hearings, as your attorney will handle the proceedings on your behalf. While the process may lack quickness, most convictions eventually get cleared, enabling you to confidently declare your non-conviction status for housing and employment purposes.

If you require assistance with clearing a conviction in King County District Court, our office is here to help you initiate the process. Whether you’re approaching eligibility or prefer to start early due to the time-consuming nature of the procedure, feel free to contact us. Together, we will navigate the steps involved and work towards clearing your record.

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