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At the Law Office of Stefanie Dorn, I focus on getting great results and putting my clients minds at ease.  Consultations are always free.   People need lawyers generally when they find themselves in a rough spot, whether it is facing a criminal charge and the anxiety that comes with that, worrying about a speeding ticket and higher insurance,or having an old criminal charge get in the way of professional goals.  I’m passionate, strong, thoughtful, and prompt, and I can help people get past things and make sure they feel like they have the best representation along the way.

Consultations Are Always Free.  I Can Help You Find a Solution to Your Problem.

My criminal law practice includes helping people with problems like DUI, felonies, domestic violence, misdemeanors, speeding and traffic tickets, and licensing issues.  I have successfully handled hundred of speeding and traffic tickets.  If you are facing a traffic ticket, speeding ticket or other infraction, I am ready to defend you in court.  If a criminal record is stopping you from moving ahead in your career, I work hard to not only vacate records but seal them as well.  This area of law is often based on the ability to successfully negotiate with prosecutors, which is something I do extremely well.   I take a professional and kind approach not just with my clients, but in all legal dealings with judges and prosecutors, which has yielded a great rate of success when it comes to getting results for my clients.

Serving the Seattle Metro Area

Localities Served by the Law Office of Stefanie Dorn

As a criminal defense attorney in Seattle, I still reside in the Ballard neighborhood where I grew up. I am proud to offer my legal services to my hometown area. The localities frequently served by the Law Office of Stefanie Dorn include primarily the Seattle, Washington area. However, I also serve other cities in King County, like Redmond, Shoreline, Bellevue, Burien, Kent, Kirkland and Issaquah.

Who Needs a Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney, Expungement Attorney, or Speeding Ticket Attorney?

Although no one aims to get in trouble with the law, sometimes, these things happen. This is when legal offices, like the Law Office of Stefanie Dorn, can step in to ensure you don’t pay forever for one bad decision. When facing a criminal charge, no matter how severe or minor, getting the counsel of a legal professional like a criminal defense attorney is wise. The time to get legal advice is not months after an accident or charge; it’s as soon as possible after the event.  When a prior criminal charge is keeping you from moving ahead with your life, do not let it define you.  Call today to discuss options and moving forward.  When a speeding ticket is threatening your record and your insurance rates, call today to discuss fighting it.

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If you or someone you love are facing a criminal charge related to a DUI or other criminal offense, I am here to help you! If you are facing a ticket or another legal issue, like needing to seal or vacate a record, I am here to help you!

I seek to help my clients win in court, ensuring their lives are restored to them as soon as possible after such an event takes place. Call today to learn more about my services and what I can do to help you today. Don’t wait!

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