Mar 19, 2021, Understanding Vacating a Conviction in Washington State

In Washington State, vacating a conviction can provide a fresh start for individuals who have completed their sentence and have been crime-free for a certain period of time. Expungement attorney Stefanie Dorn clarifies that vacating and expunging a conviction mean the same thing: turning a guilty plea or verdict into a not guilty verdict. Once a conviction is vacated, the court dismisses the charging document and releases the person from all penalties and disabilities associated with the crime. This allows individuals to state for all purposes, including housing and employment, that they have not been convicted of the offense.

The process of vacating a conviction involves submitting a petition to the court and meeting certain eligibility requirements, such as completing all the terms of the sentence and staying out of trouble for a specific period of time. The Washington State Patrol is responsible for processing the vacated record and updating their records. They also send the updated record to the FBI, who remove the conviction from their records.

If you are interested in vacating a conviction in Washington State, contact expungement attorney Stefanie Dorn at [email protected] or call (206) 222-8829 to determine your eligibility and receive guidance throughout the process.

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