Jan 28, 2023, Criminal Record for Theft in Washington State? Vacating Can Help with Employment!

The charge that I help people vacate the most. Theft and theft related charges like possession of stolen property or attempted theft. Having those charges on your record can be like employment kryptonite. A small misunderstanding or mistake is not defining of your character, but employers are concerned about employee theft, so they see it as a significant red flag.

The good news is that in Washington State, all theft related convictions, theft, attempted theft, possession of stolen property. They are all eligible to be vacated so long as you meet the criteria. What are those criteria. Enough time has to have passed since you completed all the terms and conditions, and you also have to have stayed out of trouble for that same period of time. Three years for a misdemeanor. Five years for a Class C felony. Ten years for a Class B felony, from when you completed the primary portion.

If that is something you could be eligible for, vacating could be a major help to you because it allows you to state, the orders specifically say that you can state for all purposes including housing and employment that you have not been convicted of that crime. I help clients with this in Washington State. It is a smooth and efficient process. Please feel free to give my office a call to learn more.

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