Nov 4, 2021, Juvenile Washington Criminal Record Holding you Back? Seal it!

You are likely eligible to have that juvenile record sealed. Sealed goes a step farther than vacating and instead of just un-doing the conviction essentially clears up the entire record making it not accessible to public access, to those data mine companies that get all that information for money. In Washington State eligibility is pretty broad and most people that I speak to, I find that they do qualify.

You have to have stayed out of trouble for 2 years, consecutive crime free, it doesn’t have to be the last 2 years, just 2 years without any trouble. That’s for B felonies, C felonies, and gross misdemeanors. It’s 5 years for class A felonies. And then paid all your restitution, restitution can be negotiated too. If it is something where you haven’t paid in full, you can talk to an attorney about it.

The final requirement is that you are not required to register as a sex offender. Those are what the court is looking at to determine if you can seal your juvenile record. An attorney can help you with this. Give my office a call.

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