Dec 10, 2020, Mitigation, Showing the Court the Full Person

Criminal Mitigation is something that you do in almost every case where, in addition to what you typically think of as lawyer work in terms of looking at the statues and making legal arguments you also want to highlight for the prosecutor for the judge for the decision makers who your client is. Working with an attorney that can really get to know you and help you develop and feel comfortable enough to express your relationships and what your role is in the community.

It’s going to paint a fuller picture for someone that is making an impactful decision in your life. Oftentimes, I will work with my clients and prepare a mitigation package which can include letters, and other supportive materials and also, I think it is helpful to highlight to the court the ways that someone has already been punished for this case. So, if it is something that you have questions about, feel free to give my office a call.

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