Kirkland Municipal Court

Clearing Convictions in Kirkland Municipal Court: A Smooth and Efficient Process

Having successfully assisted numerous clients in vacating their convictions in Kirkland Municipal Court, I can attest to the relatively smooth process involved. Although the prosecutor may occasionally raise objections, particularly in domestic violence cases, I have a strong track record of successfully navigating those challenges with the judge.

Typically, a Zoom hearing is scheduled, but rest assured that your personal appearance is not required. As your attorney, I will represent you during the hearing. The judge will carefully consider both sides, and based on my experience, I have been successful in securing vacating orders for eligible clients.

The overall process takes approximately one to two months, with hearings held about once a month. Rest assured that I am here to guide you through every step of the way if you have a conviction in Kirkland Municipal Court that you wish to vacate.

Take the first step toward a fresh start by contacting my office, and together we will work towards clearing your record.

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