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Clearing Your College Criminal Record: A Smooth Process at Central Washington University

If you carry a criminal record from your time at Central Washington University, there’s good news: many college-related offenses, such as drinking, supplying liquor, petty theft, and reckless driving can be eligible for vacating. Situated in Ellensburg, Washington, the Lower Kittitas District Court has established a hassle-free process that operates smoothly when you work with an attorney.

By collaborating with legal counsel, we obtain the prosecutor’s agreement, which is then submitted to the judge for consideration without the need for a hearing. This means you can save time and effort, as you won’t have to personally return to Ellensburg or appear in court. The entire process will be expertly handled on your behalf.

If you have a conviction record or want to expunge an arrest that didn’t result in a conviction, it’s worth exploring the options available to you. Removing a criminal record can provide a fresh start and unlock new opportunities. Take advantage of Central Washington University’s and the Lower Kittitas District Court’s streamlined process to regain control over your future and leave the limitations of a criminal record behind.

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