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Thinking about contesting a traffic ticket without the help of a Seattle traffic tickets attorney? You should think twice about risking it if you are worried about your insurance rates. An experienced traffic attorney can help you identify any possible defenses, articulate your case well in court, and negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce charges or infractions. Moreover, attorneys that practice regularly in traffic court are usually able to get their cases heard in a timely manner – which ends up saving their clients a lot of time.

An Attorney Will Help You Identify Defenses

Not everyone that gets a ticket deserves it. There are numerous possible defenses to traffic tickets depending on the facts of a case.  Often times tickets are dismissed or reduced based on technicalities that only really attorneys are aware of.  An experienced traffic ticket defense attorney can identify any and all possible defenses that could help you.

An Attorney Can Speak the Language of the Law on Your Behalf

Traffic court may seem like an informal affair, but knowing what to say and how to say it is still important. Speaking in legally correct terms and following legal procedures puts you in a good light before the judge. The last thing you want to do is go to court knowing you are correct about an issue, but losing your case because you were unable to communicate your points in a legally compelling way.

This is especially important when it comes to negotiating with the prosecutor. For instance, a Seattle speeding tickets attorney can often negotiate with prosecutors to have a speeding ticket reduced, or in some cases dropped entirely. For other types of traffic infractions, a Seattle infraction defense attorney can often successfully negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce the infraction charged.

An Attorney Can Save You Time

Traffic courts hear cases all day long. Sometimes, this means sitting and waiting for hours before your case is called. But, if you are represented by a Seattle traffic tickets attorney that has a relationship with the judge and district attorney, you can often get your case handled early in the day or at a scheduled time as a professional courtesy, or even have your appearance waived and your attorney appear on your behalf.

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Don’t face traffic court alone. Having tickets on your driving record impacts your insurance and sometimes even employment for those that need to drive for work. I have handled hundreds of traffic ticket cases in the Seattle area and am dedicated to getting the best possible results for my clients. Call the Law Offices of Stefanie Dorn today for a free consultation at (206) 931-1315.

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